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Recent Work

Hill Country Daily Bread
Fundraising/Support Video

Murray Chiropractic
Promotional Video

Sequence/Short – Personal Project

Latte Wars – Loft Coffee House
Fundraising Event Promotional Video

Pleasanton Athletic Center
Promotional Video

A Walk Through the Woods
Sequence/Short – Personal Project

Summer is Coming
Sequence/Short – Personal Project

Reaching Beyond the Brain and Touching the Heart

Toalson Media is a video production company founded by Ben and Rachel Toalson in San Antonio. We love to use the beauty and power of video as a story-telling medium to reach past peoples’ brains and touch their hearts. We’ve found that when people feel inspired, motivated, enthusiastic, entertained, or at ease, it’s much easier to make a connection and move together toward a mutual goal.

Customers buy a product or service because it makes their lives better in some way. Often, brands get in their own way when trying to market to customers because they’re focused on how the customer thinks, but customers mostly make decisions based on how they feel. That’s where video comes in.

Imagine you have a beautiful video out their that makes a meaningful connection with your customer. How would it feel for that customer to be as excited to buy your product or service as you are to sell it to them? What would it be like to walk side by side with your customer toward the solution you’ve made to solve their problem instead of you having to pull them toward it? That is what video can do for you and that is the experience Toalson Media aims to provide.


Commercial Video

  • Product/Service Information
  • About Your Company
  • Creative Marketing Campaign
  • Explainer& Sales Video
  • Promotional

Content Marketing

  • Consulting
  • Writing
  • Filming/Editing
  • Publishing
  • Branding

Video Consulting

  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Equipment Training
  • Process Optimization
  • Social Media Video
  • Delivery Coaching

Video Assets

  • Background Music
  • Graphics Integration
  • Intro Animation
  • Title Animation
  • CTA & End Screen Design


Toalson Media’s work was thoughtful, creative, and thorough. I was impressed with how much they studied our aesthetic and really captured our brand ethos in their work. They were timely and professional, and most of all, delivered something that will provide incredible value to our brand. Our videos will definitely be going up a notch! Stacia Guzzo

Founder/CEO, Handcrafted HoneyBee

We have worked with Toalson Media for years. They have an amazing ability to take our scattered creative ideas and bring them to life. Toalson media has helped us clearly communicate but more importantly, inspire. Scott Heare

Pastor, Riverside Community Church

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