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AboutĀ Toalson Media

Hi, I’m Ben Toalson, founder of Toalson Media. I worked in the design industry for many years and with many different disciplines, including web design and development, branding design, digital and print graphics, hand lettering, photography, and video. A few years ago I began pointing my clients away from more conventional forms of marketing and toward content marketing as their primary strategy for attracting better customers. During that time, we found by sharing valuable content through blogs articles, podcasts, newsletters, social media, and video, our clients were able to establish their expertise, build reciprocity into the market, and attract customers who were more loyal and more primed to buy.

I payed attention to what was working and what was having the greatest impact and discovered that video, in most cases, was outperforming every other piece of content we produced. I sought to understand why.

Video is the most engaging medium. It has more potential than any other kind of content to attract and keep one’s undivided attention. This is why when I have to physically remove the iPad from my 10 year old’s hands if I want to tell him something while he’s watching a video. Video taps into the brains ability to cause the outside world to fade away.

Video creates connection. Through music, images, story, and by virtue of seeing another human being, video can cause viewers to become more emotionally connected. This is especially true when the person on camera is able to convey, authentically and passionately, a message that resonates with their audience. Video allows you to develop rapport and establish trust with your potential customers and clients before you ever see them face to face.

Video increases metrics across the board. Web pages with videos have lower bounce rates and longer view durations. Products with video convert at a higher rate. Emails indicating video content in the subject line have higher open rates and emails with video have higher click through rates.

Do you remember a time when a web site for your business was a nice-to-have? If you try hard, you might be able to recall a time many years ago when having a web site for your business shifted from a nice-to-have to a must-have. I believe video is making that shift. It is becoming increasingly easier to create video content and because of that more and more companies are doing it.

Last year I decided to go all in on video because businesses NEED to get into this game. I founded Toalson Media to help businesses make great video content so they can reach more customers, increase sales and succeed in reaching their goals. I want to help your business succeed.

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